What is an RCF File and How to Open it?

What is an RCF File and How to Open it?

            A lot of files comprise only simple text data. It is possible that while opening undetermined files like RCF with a simple text editor. Like Windows Notepad, it lets you view some of the data written in the file. This process allows you to see several data encoded in the file. It also lets you preview the contents of a lot of files. Yet, likely not in such a structure as a program dedicated to assisting them. 

What is an RCF File? 

            Files that have extensions of the .rcf file are used for different file formats. By several software applications. The.rcf file extension is usually used by the Prototype computer game. These RCF files have the game files that are linked by the application during a user’s gameplay. The Colin McRae computer gaming application also uses the .rcf file extension.

These RCF files have the race car configuration files that are referenced by the computer. Each race car is saved in a file with the .rcf file suffix, every time a user makes a race car within the game. 

How to Open RCF Files:

            There might be some reasons if you cannot open rcf file on your computer. The main important reason is the lack of appropriate software that aids RCF. Between those that are installed on your device. The easiest way to solve this issue is to search and download the correct application. You may need a program compatible with the particular file you are trying to open. As different programs use files with file extension RCF for various purposes.

DWT File Format 

If you can’t open .rcf file, you can follow these steps:  

            Windows inspects the filename extension once you double-click a file to open it. Once windows acknowledge the filename extension, it opens the file in the program. Windows can check online to search for it automatically. Also, you can choose one from a list of programs manually that are installed on your computer.

To prevent this error, you have to set the file association properly.

  • Open Control Panel, go to Control Panel Home. Then Default Programs and Set Associations.
  • Select a file type in the list and hit Change Program.           

To change File Associations:            

  • Right-click a file with the extension, whose association you like to change. And then you have to click Open With.
  • In the dialog box of the Open With, click the program with which you like the file to access. Or you can click Browse to search for the program that you like.
  • Select the “Always use the selected program” to access this kind of file check box.

Once the issue with the RCF file has not been saved. It may be because that in this case there is also a different rare issue with the RCF file. In that case, you have to ask for the help of professional staff.