Know about Masakor- Massage in Korea

Know about Masakor- Massage in Korea

Massage is one of several methods as an alternative to allopathy medicine. The allopathy medicines one takes bear various side effects on the human body. Whereas massage is a kind of therapy that has no side effects and it is a long-lasting treatment.

Korea is a country of beauty, tradition, and elegance. It is a charming country with a splendid culture and with its alluring language. Korea is also famous for the different types of massages practiced and its pleasing massage centers. One would be flattered to know about masakor that is a massage in Korea.

Types of Massage in Korea

  • Traditional Massage- It is a full-body massage including arms, feet, and other body parts. This massage is the most expensive in Korea. It takes about 45 minutes to complete the traditional massage.
  • Shiatsu- This is a Japanese-based massage. Thumbs and fingers are used in this massage. Pressure is applied using fingers and thumbs on various acupressure points to provide relief.
  • Swedish Massage- This massage helps in relieving tension and reducing pains. This is performed so that the release of endorphins is stimulated and provides relief from various pains.
  • Thai Massage- This is a Thailand-based massage. It includes muscle manipulation techniques such as acupressure, stretching, friction, and traction. This is performed traditionally. Thai herbal medicine is used for this type of massage.

Popular Massage Services 

Why are massages so Popular in Korea?

Massages are very popular in Korea, and there are multiple reasons behind the massage’s popularity. Korea is an immense tourist place. It attracts about 2.52 million tourists annually. People visit Korea to experience the rich culture and tradition. They are also attracted to the diverse forms of massages practiced in Korea. Hence, it becomes a need for Koreans to provide the service to their guests.

Korean massages provide mental, spiritual, and therapeutic benefits. They are also a part of Korean culture. Therefore massages are popular among the inhabitants of Korea. Another reason is the customized treatments involved in the massages. It is a form of self-care in Korea.

While visiting Korea, one must try these relaxing massages and experience the service and hospitality of the massage centers in Korea. One can visit to learn about various massage centers in Korea.