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Portable plastic heater

Rated Power:1500W

Input Voltage:10V/220V



Innovative and smart technology.
Far-infrared heating: change from the traditional way of thermal radiation to far-infrared heating , which blows actively with penetrating strong wind and heats quickly.It is heathy to human.
Wireless remote control: wireless remote controller, easy to operate remote devices.
Accurate temperature control: The built-in electronic thermostat adjustment device and intelligent control procedures which control   temperature precisely.
Safety and comfort, environmental friendly.
Safety and comfort: protect of high temperature, fire and explosion.
Environmental friendly: with air purification function, can filter PM2.5 effectively and ultraviolet radiation device has a bactericidal function
Mute: no noise, no light pollution,  create a healthy and comfortable living environment.
Exquisite, convenient and practical.
Unit housing: Exquisite appearance, plastic material and institutional stability.
Convenient and practical: caster design,moveable, compact size, easy to transport.

Rated Power:1500W
Input Voltage:110V/220V